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Eco Hair Color 60g
AUD 8.50
A unique herbal blend that nourishes and enhances the natural black shine by improving the growth of..
Silicone Treatment - 100mL
AUD 5.00
A comprehensive hair treatment with Argan Oil & Vitamin E that enhances the luster of natural or..
Anti Dandruff Shampoo - 200ml
AUD 3.00
Description    A special herbal formula that comes with 3 unique benefits – clea..
Black Henna - 10g
AUD 2.00
DescriptionA special powder mix that gives a natural, lasting black color to gray hair. The added He..
Color Protective Shampoo - 200ml
AUD 3.50
Description   An advanced formula designed to preserve the color and shine of colored hair..
Curl Protective Shampoo - 200ml
AUD 3.50
DescriptionThe ultimate curl protective formula that restores damage done during the curling process..
Express Hair Color Pack 30ml
AUD 5.00
DescriptionAn all-in-one pack containing two color shades that’s lasting and permanent. A quick and ..
Five  Minute Black Henna - 8g
AUD 2.00
DescriptionA swift and innovative solution for naturally black hair. The treated natural Henna Expre..
Intensive Hair Conditioner
AUD 4.00
DescriptionAn intensive conditioning complex that repairs the damage occurred during chemical treatm..
Keratin Conditioner
AUD 4.00
DescriptionThe Conditioner enriched with Keratin & Argan Oil infuses the keratin & moisture ..
Keratin Shampoo
AUD 3.50
DescriptionThe Shampoo enriched with Keratin and Argan Oil strengthens the hair & enhances the s..
Keratin Hair Therapy
AUD 4.00
DescriptionKeratin Hair Therapy is specially formulated to protect hair from heat while blow drying ..
Leave On Conditioner
AUD 4.00
DescriptionDreamron Leave On Conditioner is light weight formula that infuses moisture into hair fib..
Massage Tonic
AUD 5.00
DescriptionA nourishing massage tonic that’s a combination of Chamomile, Nettle & Rosemary extra..
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